Dirk Moore & Associates - Training and Assistance in Transient Criminal Investigations
Dirk Moore & Associates was created out of necessity to provide quality training and assistance to Law Enforcement agencies throughout North America in transient criminal investigations.  Non-traditional organized crime groups such as self pro-claimed Gypsies and Travelers target the elderly population with various scams, making millions of dollars each year. 
Travelers are itinerant workers living in a closed society making their living by providing various services related to home improvements.  There are organized groups of criminals living within this society that target senior citizens with assorted home improvement scams.  Dirk Moore & Associates specializes in these groups and  provides Law Enforcement agencies with the necessary training to identify, investigate, and prosecute the crimes attributed to these groups. 
We have also developed training for the banking industry that will assist personnel with recognizing the perpetrators of these scams and preventing the financial exploitation of the elderly.
Dirk Moore & Associates can also assist Law Enforcement agencies with criminal Traveler investigations.  We can provide assistance with suspect identifications as well as language translations.  The languages spoken by these groups are commonly referred to as Cant, however, there are actually three different languages - The Scottish Travelers call theirs Cant, the Irish Travelers speak Shelta or Gammon, and the English Travelers speak Romanes or Rumnis.           
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